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Confederation, not Federation: Patrick Henry Against the Federal Constitution.

I wonder whether Brooke Allen considered Mr. Henry a "Founding Father?" Could the first chapter of our Federal history be titled "Jacobin Gentry betray a Christian Nation?"


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Where is Ithavoll?

In the Völuspá of the Poetic Edda, Ithavoll is the mythological location of the plain where a remnant of the gods meet following the events of Ragnarök, to begin again the work of city building, the first being Gimli -said to be the most beautiful place in the world:
At Ithavoll met the mighty gods;Shrines and temples they timbered high;Forges they set, and they smithied ore,Tongs they wrought, and tools they fashioned.A second time Ithavoll is mentioned, where the past is recalled to those present, perhaps as a warning:

The gods in Ithavoll meet together,
Of the terrible girdler of earth they talk,
And the mighty past they call to mind,
And the ancient runes of the Ruler of Gods.

Who are "the gods" but us? Homo Europaeus. Those who carry with grace the burden of order and reason for all the world, a charge from God. Ithavoll is the place where we begin again, as in the Palingenesis of Christ, where we regain humanity from the loss of the fall. For the latter we must wait. Ithavo…

Feminism and R/K Selection

Nature abhors a reproductive vacuum. Where one exists, much that appears to be mere politics arises to fill it. But it may be that instinct (and its perversion) are at work in thought. Perhaps underneath all ideology are necessities only dimly glimpsed. Such may be the case with immigration. But here the law of unintended consequences cannot be suspended as easily as border enforcement. The law of unintended consequences states that the result of any action (thus any public policy) to achieve a given end will be consequences that are unintended. This is something to do with incomplete information, a human absolute. An unintended consequence of feminism is that it's Newtonian--its appearance generates an equal and opposite reaction.  Feminism is in essence anti-reproductive, and nature has a way of destroying what opposes her. Deflation is one of her weapons. If you end or significantly pause immigration, deflation will--eventually--fix the psycho-social pathogen of feminism. It is …

[Insert Modifier Here] Justice

Any word placed in front of the term "justice" as a modifier indicates the perversion of the latter. Special forms of justice seem to always take the form of a material discount. It is not a great mystery, then, that Cultural Marxism in all its forms and disguises has economics at its center.